Laser Teeth Whitening

laser teeth whitening

Over time our teeth, whether we like it or not, will lose its attractiveness and beauty; making our smile sad.


With our teeth whitening procedure, we will help you reverse that trend and bring back that bright smile. It has been developed as a fast and efficient to reduce discoloration and staining of teeth, providing a whiter, brighter smile.


We are using the latest technology in teeth whitening making the the process faster and has great results. It causes no damage to the teeth and it is a safe and viable option for people who may even have sensitive teeth.

Procedure for Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a procedure that takes place at the dental practice and uses a light-activated bleaching gel to whiten your teeth. The procedure usually takes approx 1 -2 hours and produces instant whitening results.

Scale and Polish

Before the teeth whitening process is started the dentist will thoroughly clean the teeth, removing any surface stains and tartar. This procedure is commonly referred to as a scale and polish.

Record Shade

The next step will be for the dentist to make a record of the shade/colour of the teeth before the procedure. This is either recorded using a tooth coloured shade guide/chart or by taking a digital photograph of your teeth. The area is then prepared for the procedure.


The bleaching compound usually contains a high concentration of peroxide (15-35%) and so the dentist will usually place some form of protection around the gums so that only the teeth are exposed to the compound. This involves covering the gums with rolls of cotton and a protective gel material that hardens once applied to the gums. A cheek retractor is used to keep the lips and cheeks away from the teeth. The whitening gel is then applied to the surface of the teeth and exposed to a light or laser, which activates it. During the procedure some people may feel sensitivity in their teeth, which are described as short-lived shooting pains.


The dentist will finally wash off the whitening gel and remove any gum protection before evaluating the final result


by taking a photograph or using a shade chart. The results are usually quite dramatic and can often be up to 10 shades lighter.

Follow-up Treatment

The dentist may recommend home whitening kit with custom trays and professional whitening gel or additional session for better result, 3 days to 1 week apart. Many patients’ teeth are quite sensitive immediately following this procedure and it is advised to try and avoid hot or cold drinks for a while. The dentist will apply fluoride treatment following teeth whitening to reduce this effect on sensitivity. Your home whitening kit usually contains a solution to reduce tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity rarely lasts more than 24 hours. It is advisable to avoid colored foods and drinks for the next 48 hours.

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What You Need To Know About Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening Treatment results and effects will vary, and the following areas apply directly to the treatment:

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Not Suitable For

Laser Teeth Treatment is not suitable for: Pregnant or Breast-feeding Women; Light-Sensitive Individuals and Patients on Light Sensitive Medications; Melanoma.

Will Not Whiten

Existing Fillings, Crowns, Veneers will not whiten, and may need replacement after Teeth Whitening is completed.

Should Be Treated First

Active Decay, Exposed Dentine and gum disease needs to be treated before proceeding with Whitening, or further damage to the teeth could be caused.

Success Rate Varies

There can be no guarantee to the success of the whitening result as it is dependent on many factors including the existing tone/shade of my teeth, diet, habits and past whitening experience. Already White Teeth cannot whiten as much as darker shades of teeth.

Patches May Show

Patches may become more noticeable. These areas are usually due to decay, gum recession, fluorosis, tetracycline and developmental defects in teeth will not disappear during whitening treatments, and may be more noticeable during the first few days after whitening. Root Surfaces of teeth will not be whitened.

Tooth Sensitivity

At Casipit Dental, we only use non-sensitivity teeth whitening from Europe, but if the patient do feel sensitivity, it will be very mild in the first 24 hours after Teeth Whitening Treatment. The dentist will prescribe toothpaste for sensitivity for patients that has previous sensitivity problems.

Gum/Lip/Cheek Inflammation

When done properly with the use of gingival barrier and lip balm, Laser Teeth Whitening will not harm your Gums and Lips. Sometimes, due to inadvertent exposure of a small area of those tissues to the whitening gel, it will cause burning sensation, though inflammation is usually temporary which will subside in a day.


It is natural for the teeth that undergo Teeth Whitening to relapse somewhat in their shading after treatment. This is natural and should be very gradual, but it can be accelerated by exposing the teeth to various staining agents such as Coffee, Tea, Smoking, Red Wines, etc. Using Whitening toothpaste and home whitening kit will maintain the effectiveness of the whitening result

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