Dr. Abram Casipit

Perfection is the goal in my practice that’s why I never stop learning. I always push my self to a higher level. As we are in a family practice, experience has always been the best teacher. Through my mom Dr. Susan Casipit and her experience and expertise since 1981, I could say, I learned and continue to learn from the best. I enjoy learning, sharing knowledge, ultimately making beautiful and functional smiles that last a lifetime.

Dr. Abram Casipit

D.M.D., M.S.O.

Dr. Abram graduated with a degree in Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of the East in 2007, and passed the board exam on the same year.

He completed his Masteral Studies in Orthodontics in Manila Central University in 2013.


Certificate of Esthetic Dentistry, Dentsply Germany, University of Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

Training in Prostho Surgery Implant at Sydney Hospital

Sydney, Australia

Federation of Dental International 

Singapore ; Hongkong

Conference in Evidence-based Advanced Dentistry, College of Dental Surgeon

University of Hongkong

American Academy of Continuing Education

Dubai, UAE

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